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Film “Raees” released the Trailer, Great shots of Mahira Khan.

Film “Raees” traliar

Mumbai: Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan’s Film released the trailer. While in trailer Pakistani Actress Mahira Khan are included. Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s new Film “Raees” released the trailer. The film’s trailer have reached the heights of popularity. And of Mahira Khan’s character in the film has broken all concerns immediately. In past several months not only Publicity was stopped of ...

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Salman Khan is my good friend and what I can say more than it. Lulia Vantur

Lulia Vantur

Mumbai: Bollywood’s Dabang Actor and Romania Model Lulia Vantur’s engagement and marriage news remain very media glory.  But they do not ever talk about it unveiled and now Lulia Vantur says that Salman Khan is her good friend and what should she say more than it. According to Indian Media News, when Lulia Vanture asked about Salman Khan than she ...

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Salman Khan requested to people for suggesting name for SRK’s new movie:

SRK’s new movie

Mumbai Bollywood superstar requests people to suggest a name for his close friend Shahrukh and Anushka’ new movie. The three Khan’s of Bollywood industry was on a hate track from previous many years. They are on a success race. And everyone knows that they only can compete with each other. But no one thinks before they also can be good ...

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Why Pakistani dramas are most famous in the world

Pakistani dramas

A few years ago Pakistani Lollywood movies have good Qualitative and historical movies and legendary artists who give us ever best movies like Chooriyan, Dee Rani, Mola Just. Those movies for not only entertainment also have a good lesson for the audience. But few time ago Pakistani production faced diminution in their reputation in the world. In the meantime our ...

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Urwa Hussain and Farhan will get married in this December:

Urwa Hussain and Farhan will get married

Lahore: Actress Urwa and Actor Farhan Getting married on this December. The roomers of actor’s relationships are common in film and drama industry. We hear a lot of patches up and break up news’s –of our favorite stars. Same culture running up in Pakistan Dramas industry. RJ and a beautiful actress urwa Hussain affair and relationship with Farhan Saeed singer ...

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Sharukh khan Reclinate his duplicates actors to ignore his fans:

Sharukh khan

Mumbai: while Actor’s duplicates are uses to shoot some tough scenes or dangerous stunts in Bollywood movies, But in the shooting of Gori shindy’s new movie Dear Zindagi, a duplicate of sharukh is revealed. Everyone wants to get famous. And want to live in the heart of their fans. This wish is little bit more in Film Stars. And SRK ...

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India tries to malign of Pakistan’s artists

Pakistan’s artists

To malign Pakistan by black artists charged lyrics they Indian police stormed the charity of the singer Shafqat Amanat Ali Manager and go back empty-handed and left hand. According to Indian police raided the famous artists Shafqat Amanat Ali’s manager Mona Kohli and rakesh of charity, however, they did not arrest the process of being empty. It is to be ...

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Bollywood Horror thriller film “Tank 432” will release on 25th of November:

Horror thriller film “Tank 432”

Los-Angles: Hollywood new horror and thriller movie’s new trailer has been launched. Nick Gallaspy directed movie’s story is all about a Serial killer Who lives in an old tank in a forest. And which peoples lost there way come there and the killer than writhed and kill them. The movie is about to create assumptions in viewsers mind that what ...

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The World’s those beauties who was brutally murdered.

eauties who was brutally murdered

Many events have occurred of a murder of the world’s beautiful girls. But tell now the murders of the famous beauty queens are the mystery. Showbiz burst the world always attracts everyone. But to rise in this world is also possible by any one mysterious way, and many beauties have lost their life in search of success. While several incidents ...

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Which Khan will quit smoking will be successful, Akshay

Stunning AKshy Kumar

Mumbai: Three khan’s of Bollywood Amir Khan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are in a battle of marks for a long time, But Akshay Kumar is a single hero who has stand in front of them. Bollywood’s famous stars the three Khans is always on a success race their conflict are always sparking on Bollywood news’s. But all of ...

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